Denise Richardson is an expert in personal transformation and removing fear from women's lives. She is the bestselling author of the book,  Cruel: One Child’s Journey To Survive, which formed the basis of the ‘Fear-LESS Formula.'  She is also a motivational speaker and helps inspire others who have faced adversity in their lives.


She is the founder of Fearless Outcomes - a cutting-edge transformational company helping women across the world achieve limitless success in all areas of their lives.


From a harrowing childhood story of abuse to her tenacity in navigating the challenges of a successful global executive, Denise uses her experiences in life, to help others grow.  Her mission is to help women from all walks of life, remove fear and blockages from their lives. She is passionate in the belief that all women can enjoy a life free of fear and full of success and happiness.  

She knows that with a shift in mindset, the use of the right tools and the removal of negative belief systems, anyone can transform their life. And in so doing, fully take back control of any aspect of their life that may be holding them back from leading a happier and more fulfilled life. 

"She gave me the confidence..."

Michelle - Malaysia

I was living and working in Malaysia and had to move to another country due to my husband’s career, she coached and gave me the direction and motivation needed on how I could do more than what I was doing, working for corporations.


She gave me the confidence with a positive mindset that I could start my own successful business.

I took the plunge! I have my own business doing what I love and she was right! I am lot happier and satisfied making my own money and being in charge at my own time and pace.


The fact that I have someone who believes in me, gave me the encouragement to be on this adventure, which made this all possible.

We are not destined to live our lives in fear,

we are born to live a life of happiness and fulfillment...





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