The FearLess Programme

A Proven Formula For You To Take Charge Of Your Destiny 

Learn How To Master Your Fear & Achieve Limitless Potential

We all experience fear and doubt in ourselves during our life time.  In relationships, our jobs, a failed business, financial hardship, during a bad breakup, or an unexpected illness. These events can be traumatic and cause you to lose control or even hit rock bottom.


Too many people often don't know how to break the cycle of fear and self-belief.  It can have detrimental consequences, creating a negative mindset, impacting confidence, self-esteem or self-belief patterns.  

Even worse it can make you ill and even affect your happiness. It is one of the main reasons that it prevents you going after your goals and dreams because of an overwhelming fear of failure.


However, regardless of your situation, you have a choice: you can either let fear in any form define you or you can start to take charge of your destiny and redefine what success looks like for you in your life! Fear and adversity is one of the greatest lessons in life.  Once you learn how to master your fear and just lean into it, your world will turn around and success will just seem to follow you.

Don't waste another day living a life that does not inspire you! Start building a life filled with Improved relationships,

a meaningful career, improved financial wealth, inner peace and happiness




This program is a platform for personal transformation and change.  It helps you access your inner strength and hidden potential, by taking

you through a fully supported journey of growth.


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 What You Will Learn From 
The Living A Fearless Life Program

Taking charge of your own destiny is not always easy.  At times, life can get difficult and challenging.

No one method or tool will help you eliminate fear or enable you to achieve your dreams and ambitions overnight. Which is why this program has been built with the aim to transform you from a holistic view point; to ensure lasting change.  Fear, often bought on by various forms of adversity; which can keep showing up in our life can be debilitating. With the right tools and mindset, removing fears and allowing yourself to take risks is life transforming.  

This program has been built in an uplifting way. It does not focus on any form of adversity but how you build all-round skills that will help you change your life for the better. It has workable tools that can be customised to any area of your life and they can be used over and over again, for years to come.


It will provide you with a formula to take you on a positive journey of transformational change, enabling you to handle future setbacks in a more constructive way.  It will enable you to build your self-belief and confidence, diminish fears and provide structure and process, enabling you to take back control of your life and go after the goals and dreams that you never believed you had the courage to fulfil.

This is an enjoyable, engaging and life-changing program - it has been built with you in mind.  


You deserve to be happy, and live your best life possible.  It will help you to kick-start the journey from where you are now...

to where you ultimately want to be.



Take Back Control Of Your Life

What do you want with your life - more financial security, greater success, loving relationships?  Or do you just want more self-belief and self-esteem in the day-to-day?  This first module will help you identify, what is really holding you back.  You will learn how to overcome and remove limiting beliefs,  how to believe in yourself and how to consciously take more responsibility to gain the success you're looking for in life.


Experience The Fear And Take Action 

As you move forward on your journey from where you are to where you want to be, you are going to have to confront your fears.  Fear is a natural emotion and can hold you back from what you rightly deserve.   


This module will enable you to give yourself permission to feel the fear and provide strategies for dealing with it.  It will show you how to lean into fear, to build momentum and help you to get started on your path, so you can start to deliver on your goals and ambitions, confidently, without fully knowing how you will reach the end result.


Raising Your Energy & Managing Negative People

Your energy is a powerful transformational tool. In the same way negative people's energy can affect you negatively; your positive energy can manifest not only the things you want in life but also the people who can help you achieve them.  


You can look forward in this module to identifying how to bring more positive energy into your life, how to consciously but tactfully remove negative influences from your life and how to attract more positive people into your inner circle.  Raising your energy levels will have a major impact on your overall health and protect you from the negativity of envy, guilt and the blame of others.

Stepping Into Your Potential 

What are your visions and goals? This module will pull together all the work you have completed in the previous modules.  This is the fun bit... you will be shown the importance and the 'how' of setting clearly defined visions and how to translate them into actionable goals.


This is a step-by-step practical roadmap, so you have actionable goals and commitments to help you after you finish the program, continue on your journey to happiness and fulfilment. 

Also included is the 'next stage' of setting a life changing breakthrough goal!




Mindfulness is now well evidenced in regard to its powerful benefits; not only in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression but also in its ability to increase success and wealth creation.  In this final module you will learn of the added benefits of using affirmations and meditations to expedite your journey.

You will learn why affirmations and meditations will help you.  How to write and use affirmations to further boost your success on your powerful transformation.  As a bonus, there are four downloadable meditations that have been built specifically for this program.

Working With Mindfulness


Couple Meditating

Four downloadable meditations specifically built for this program

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A 60 page downloadable workbook


Eight success tools, customisable to any situation and can be used for years to come 

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New Cover Course JPEG.jpg
New Cover Course JPEG.jpg

Over five hours of coaching

Eight life time 'Success Tools'

Four customised meditationsAvailable in audio

Value - $450.00

Reduced to make accessible, to everyone during covid lockdown.

Prices will be increasing in June 2021 

Exclusive Offer Only - $39.99