Hi I'm Denise

A best selling author, motivational speaker and dedicated to helping women like you around the world live a limitless and fulfilled life...

And life full of confidence and without FEAR.



My journey as a transformational coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker started when I was a child. I didn't know it back then, but the experiences of growing up with a drug-addicted, alcoholic mother in a home with an abusive father, taught me one important lesson above many: never to be held a prisoner by FEAR.

It is a principle that I've embraced in my life to help me overcome bullying, a controlling partner and the loss of a business in a recession. Equally, in my careers as a nurse, policewoman and international business executive, the lessons of my childhood brought much needed resilience, courage and resolve.

Each challenge I faced, revealed a different type of fear but I refused to be held captive to something I created. There were many stumbles along the way but I learned that fear is a choice and so is the unhappiness and disempowerment it brings.

And I chose to be happy and empowered!

Now, through online programmes, seminars and individual coaching, I help women enjoy lives that are free of fear and full of confidence and success. I know that having a FearLESS life, opens doors, fulfils dreams, changes lives and brings happiness and inner peace.

Your world can be a different place without fear! A life without fear will boost your confidence, increase your courage, and allow you to embrace risk and opportunities. Ultimately, you can transform your life and enjoy happiness in all areas of your life.

Is it time and are you ready to move from where you are,

to where you want to really be?



"Truly inspiring..."

"What a story, gripping read from start to finish.."

"Heartbreaking and inspirational..."

"I could not put this book down. I read it in one day...!"


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