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Self-confidence and self-regard are important elements of your identity and represent the gateway to reaching your potential and helping others. These features of your identity are not the sole domain of those considered innately confident.

So, let me introduce the top five myths, in no particular ranking.

#1 Confidence is something with which you are born

This myth is particularly interesting because it suggests that those in life who are reserved, shy or introverted, have an inferior place in the world of the genetically confident. This myth is easily dismissed because confidence is not genetic and there have been many quietly confident men and women throughout history.

#2 If you lose your confidence, you can never get it back

It is perfectly normal not to feel super-confident all the time. Circumstances in life can deal people setbacks but they do not define our confidence. The decision to learn quickly from these setbacks and challenges, offers a way to refuel our confidence and overall emotional wellbeing.

#3 You must be fully qualified, perfect and experienced, before you can feel confident

So many people wait, until in their eyes, they have all the required knowledge, skills and abilities before taking an opportunity. It is when this happens; promotions, love, opportunities and growth are lost. Take the plunge and allow your inner potential fill in the gaps.

#4 Self-criticism will give me the confidence to reach my goals

Criticism and judgements by others can, if embraced, cause immeasurable damage. The negative inner chatter we generate ourselves, can be equally damaging and cause us to create untrue belief systems about ourselves. If you are to say anything to yourself, let it be positive and affirming.

#5 Failures and mistakes are disasters that will erode my confidence.”

There is a famous Judo maxim that says, “Six times down – seven times up. True confidence lies in being able to look objectively at a failure and know that it wasn’t something done on purpose. Fear of failure has prevented too many, taking opportunities and not fulfilling their potential. Mistakes and failures are for learning, they are not gateways for self-blame.

So, if you have any myths on the above list, give yourself a break and let them go. And if you are not sure how – please contact me.

Sent With Love….Denise

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